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Sneak Peek! New Upcoming Series... Cover Reveal

I know, I know... why would I show the cover of a book you couldn't get right now? Makes no sense. I have zero patience when I'm excited about something...and I was super excited about this cover because it's so dang perfect! I love it! I could literally stare at it all day.

Well... welcome the new series I'm working on... Divinity of Souls. Book one is the picture below. I'm around 25% completed with this one.

I have ideas for years! Just bear with me as I work through the stories. I, unfortunately, have to work a fulltime job.

Anyway, I appreciate your patience. Lucifer loves you for it. He promised a lot of peeks at the speedos. ;)

Below you can find the blurb for Touched by the Demon. Hope you like it!

My whole life I thought I was a nobody. I should have known my 30th birthday would be my last.

Thanks to my so-called friends, I'm sent on a mission into the Devil's Lair. Owned by Elias Wolfe – the scariest demon alive. I’ve never met him, but the rumors…some send a shiver of desire through me, and others send me running away screaming.

Thanks, but no thanks. Exit stage left.

Although, when we meet, he believes I'm special. Claiming we share a bond that goes beyond a mortal's love.

Forget about the mages trying to kill me – I'm more worried about this bond.

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