Sons of Lucifer Book One

Eva is forced into a job by Lucifer despite being retired for years. A babysitting job no less to help his son, Damon, recapture a mysterious puzzle box that allows the worlds to merge. If they don’t find the box, hunters will possess it and release demons to roam around wreaking havoc. But it all goes wrong when she ends up stuck trying to save Damon from hunters who want him dead.


Sons of Lucifer Book Two

He's her sentry, but she doesn't want his protection. Tucker, a gargoyle prince, is in charge of the last living Eradon elf, Jolie, who also happens to be his soon to be ex-wife. When Jolie’s uncle is brutally murdered, Tucker must come to her aid. Jolie tried to avoid the seductive and handsome gargoyle, but she needs his help.


Sons of Lucifer Book Three

Last person he expected to see was his worst enemy...
After discovering his father is Lucifer, Cade didn't think his week could get worse. Until Rebel returns to town. Ten years after a prank gone wrong, Cade finds her on his doorstep asking if he knows her brother's whereabouts.


Summer 2022!
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